• steph routh

    Mark, you are rocking it! Way to get past the roughest day yet and still walk!

    What helps me on down days? Sidewalk chalk. I have many sets of sidewalk chalk, and whenever I am having a rough day, I take a piece of chalk, find a bit of sidewalk, and write something nice/funny to the next person who will walk/run/ride down the ‘walk. You probably won’t know them, and you won’t be able to see their expression when they read what you wrote, but I’ll bet you can imagine it. Nothing better in the world. It’s like being Santa Claus without the scratchy suit or the grueling holiday schedule.

  • jnswanson

    I’m watching this after a bike ride, pullups, situps, and pushups. I started January 2012, more that two years and 40 some pounds ago. And it doesn’t get easier, exactly. The first pushup is always the hardest every day. Harder than numbers 2-15. But I too started because I didn’t want to die, as far as it was up to me. And I decided that eating different and moving different was who I wanted to be.

    You’ve made decisions like that before, Mark. You have said, “This is what I do”. So the opportunity is the same. To be the kind of person that walks.